41 of the Best Crocs for Men in 2023

41 of the Best Crocs for Men in 2023 scaled

As a leading footwear brand, Crocs have become synonymous with comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for something to sport around the house or wear out and about, there is something to suit all wardrobes from their variety of classic designs which suit both performance and casual wear. With so many options available it can be tricky to know where to begin when shopping for men’s Crocs. To make things easier we’ve done the research for you, compiling a list of 41 of the very best picks that are set to dominate in 2023. So if you’re after a trusty pair this year then check out our comprehensive guide!

Custom Name New Orleans Saints Crocs

Custom Name New Orleans Saints Crocs 2 Jomagift

Are your feet begging for a pair of custom, personalized New Orleans Saints Crocs? Think of what lengths you can go with this endless array of possibilities. Choose a vibrant pair, emblazoned with the team logo, or get your favorite player’s name boldly strewn across the back. Include subtle designs that represent the City of New Orleans, or design them down to every detail to look exactly like your team’s uniform. Whether you’re an avid fan or simply love toe-shoes, custom Crocs are sure to show the world just how much you care about the Saints.

Miami Hurricanes Crocs

Miami Hurricanes Crocs 1 Jomagift

Those looking for a fun way to support the University of Miami’s athletic teams should consider picking up a pair of Miami Hurricanes Crocs. Not only are they eye-catchingly designed in the school colors, but they provide all the comfort and convenience that come with owning and wearing Crocs. Whether you’re attending a tailgate or just chilling out on a Saturday afternoon, your Miami Hurricanes Crocs will show that you’re an avid supporter of The U. Perfect for any fan of ages young to old, these versatile shoes can be dressed up or down, depending on need and occasion. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to pick up your favorite pair today!

Minnesota Vikings Crocs

Minnesota Vikings Crocs 1 Jomagift

For many Vikings fans, a fashion statement is not complete without their signature team gear. But what’s sure to turn heads this season isn’t the newest team apparel, but rather a fashionable version of everyone’s favorite clog: Croslite-made Crocs featuring the Minnesota Vikings logo! Pick them up in purple and gold or dawn white with the official team emblem – sure to surprise friends and family when you walk into a tailgate or watch party wearing your own one-of-a-kind creation! Not only will you look fly, but your feet will also be comfy – a win/win situation for any sportswear enthusiast.

Pennywise Crocs

Pennywise Crocs 1 Jomagift

Crocs are the perfect shoes for comfort and style, however Pennywise Crocs make ordinary ones stand out from the crowd. The names of each one says it all; with names like ‘Slimy Smiles’, ‘Gory Gaggelers’ and ‘It Knows What You Want’ you know you’ll be wearing something special! Some are even designed to look spooky, featuring fun cartoon-style clowns in a variety of bright colors. Who would have thought wearing a pair of clown shoes could be so stylish? Aside from making a fashion statement, pennywise crocs offer endless hours of fun as they spark conversation and make others smile. So why not keep an eye out for these unique shoes – they could be just what you need to stand out in the crowd!

Red Sox Crocs

Red Sox Crocs 1 Jomagift

The Red Sox Crocs are a new, unique twist on the classic footwear, bringing together two classic New England brands. With a distinctive red color and logos from both the Red Sox and Crocs, these shoes present an idea of durable comfort and timeless style. The iconic clogs design of Crocs means that you know you can wear them for any occasion, all while showing your pride for the hometown team. If you’re looking for some stylish shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day long, then look no further than Red Sox inspired Crocs!

Skeleton Feet Crocs

Skeleton Feet Crocs 2 Jomagift

Skeleton feet Crocs have gained traction in recent weeks as an exciting alternative to the classic Croc shoe. Not only do they expose the feet and make a bold statement, but they are also significantly more breathable and lightweight than other Crocs. They may be seen as a rebellious take on the popular style of footwear, which could make them a wonderful choice for those who enjoy standing out from the crowd or making statement pieces part of their everyday look. With their diverse range of colors, skeleton feet Crocs can be put together with tons of different looks to suit any occasion.

Unc Crocs

Unc Crocs 1 Jomagift

Unc Crocs can be a perfect way to add some laid-back style to your wardrobe. The classic shoe has been beloved by millions of fans and with an array of color choices, there is sure to be something for everyone. With the iconic foam clog style and improved technology, they offer superior comfort while allowing you to express your individual style. Dress them up with rhinestones, charms, and glittery embellishments or keep it simple – either way they are sure to complete any summer look.

Alabama Crimson Tide Crocs

alabama crimson tide crocs Jomagift

It’s clear that Alabama Crimson Tide Crocs have become a hit with fans. Not only do they make a fashion statement that shows off one’s devotion to their team, but they are also incredibly comfortable and practical. Perhaps the best thing about these shoes is their versatility: they can be worn to go shopping, watch a game at the stadium, or simply lounge around the house in style. With so many fan options to choose from, there’s no doubt Alabama Crimson Tide Crocs will continue to be popular for the years to come.

Custom Name Bears Crocs

Custom Name Bears Crocs 3 Jomagift

Custom Name Bears Crocs are a great gift idea for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for a special birthday present or a fun accessory, these personalized shoes will be sure to bring smiles for years to come. These shoes can be customized with a name of your choice and include adorable teddy bear ears atop the shoe straps for extra cuteness! They come in different colors and styles, making them ideal accessories for any person’s wardrobe. Plus, since they have Croslite material construction and supportive cushioning, they make great everyday shoes too. Who knew combining two of your favorite things could create an even better result? Get creative and show off your style by customizing your own Custom Name Bears Crocs today!

Beetlejuice Crocs

Beetlejuice Crocs 1 Jomagift

The Beetlejuice Crocs are the trendiest way to express your individuality! With a unique design inspired by the classic cult-classic film, this statement shoe can be dressed up for a night out on the town or down for a casual day trip. Not only do these shoes come in multiple colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits your style perfectly, but they feature plenty of extra perks like USB charging capabilities and an illuminated insole. And to top it off, they’re eco-friendly—crafted from sustainable materials while supporting animal wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to step out with confidence or just show off your love for the film, Beetlejuice Crocs are your ultimate accessory of choice.

Butterfly Crocs Womens

Butterfly Crocs Womens 1 Jomagift

It’s no surprise that Butterfly Crocs Womens are the newest trend when it comes to footwear. They offer both comfort and style, making them perfect for all types of occasions. Thanks to their unique design, they can be dressed up or down as needed – ideal for adding a splash of color to your everyday look. Being lightweight and durable makes them ideal for those on-the-go looking to make a statement without sacrificing ergonomics. The wide variety of designs and bright colors available let you stand out with an eye-catching look that’s sure to get heads turning!

Michelob Ultra Crocs

Michelob Ultra Crocs 1 Jomagift

Have you ever wanted to combine comfort with a unique fashion statement? Look no further than Michelob Ultra Crocs! This collaboration between Crocs and Michelob Ultra brings a new edge to the classic foam clog. Whether you rock the cognac and gold toned beer cozy clog or opt for something more classic like the navy option, there’s an option to fit they style of everyone. Not only are they high on comfort, but with each step you make, you’ll be making a bold statement in your own way. Call them stylish shoes or pieces of art, Michelob Ultra Crocs are sure to make your feet the center of attention!

New England Patriots Crocs

New England Patriots Crocs 1 Jomagift

The New England Patriots have taken the apparel game to an entirely different level with their new line of Crocs! These colorful and stylish shoes are perfect for any casual outing. Show your team pride in comfort and style with these one-of-a-kind Patriots Crocs! Not only do they look great, but they’re also versatile enough to be dressed up or down. From days at the beach to drinks with friends, these shoes will take you through any season in comfort and NFL spirit!

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Rebel Flag Crocs

Rebel Flag Crocs 1 Jomagift

Rebel flag Crocs could be a great way to celebrate Southern heritage in a fun and fashionable way. With the help of customization options, it’s an ideal choice for expressing your unique sense of style. Since Crocs are a comfortable and stylish footwear option, people can show off their Southern pride with ease while still looking chic and fashionable. Not only that, but they make a bold statement – letting everyone know who you are and where you come from. As the perfect combination of comfort and expression, Rebel flag Crocs may just become the go-to summer shoe.

Jack Daniels Crocs

Jack Daniels Crocs 4 Jomagift

Have you seen the newest craze in accessories? Jack Daniels, whiskey producer and purveyer, has teamed up with Crocs to create some of the trendiest shoes around. What first started as a tongue-in-cheek collaboration surprised many when people actually began wearing their limited edition shoes out and about! With classic croc silhouettes made from a sturdier foam material and one of the most iconic logos adorning each shoe, these Jack Daniels Crocs are sure to be a summer hit. Try them out for yourself today and add an extra kick to any casual outfit!

Minnie Mouse Crocs Adults

Minnie Mouse Crocs Adults 3 Jomagift

Adults everywhere are hopping onto the bandwagon of wearing stylish Minnie Mouse-themed Crocs. These shoes come in a variety of colors and designs that have inspired fashion trends among men and women. What’s more, they also embody comfort with easy-to-wear construction to make your feet feel as if you are walking on clouds. So why not give a pair of these popular footwear items a try? Whether you dress them up for halloween or just to show off your favorite character, Minnie Mouse Crocs provide an original and effortless style that everyone is sure to love!

Mountain Dew Crocs

mountain dew crocs 1 scaled Jomagift

Mountain Dew Crocs – what an intriguing concept! Perfect for a modern-day take on the classic Dad shoe trend, these neon-hued shoes are sure to get noticed. With their iconic green color and an abundance of cushioning, they are a great item to add to any laidback look. The bottoms even have little bubbles on them emulating the distinctive Mountain Dew packaging. A perfect combination of comfort and style, these fun shoes would be a great addition to anyone’s sneaker rotation.

Whataburger Crocs

Whataburger Crocs 4 Jomagift

Whataburger Crocs are a fun and unique way to express your favorite fast food! Not only do these shoes allow you to show off your Whataburger pride, but they are also incredibly comfortable and cozy. The best part of these Crocs? They come in custom colors – specifically, the restaurant’s red and orange! Perfect for days when you’re just out and about (or running errands), this footwear is sure to give your outfit a boost of personality. Plus, it pairs perfectly with your trusty W-stitched hat! Whataburger Crocs may be a blast from the past, but there will never be a better way to flex your love for Texas’ favorite burger joint.

Busch Latte Crocs

Busch Latte Crocs 1 Jomagift

If you are looking to combine your love of coffee and shoes, what could be better than Busch Latte Crocs? Featuring a design inspired by the frothy layers of your favorite craft beer latte, these shoes would undoubtedly become the perfect addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe. The stylish exterior features a light tan color with bold shades of brown, while the interior is made with comfortable Croslite foam material and a massage pod footbed for all-day comfort. With this unique combination of style, comfort, and innovative design, Busch Latte Crocs might be just what your wardrobe needs for an extra boost of pizzazz!

Coors Light Crocs

Coors Light Crocs 1 Jomagift

While the thought of Coors Light Crocs may not be appealing to everyone, it does present a unique fashion statement that has yet to be explored. Combining a classic clothing item with a beloved beverage company could create an interesting look for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. Brands and companies creating collaborations has become increasingly popular, therefore maybe this is just what the market is looking for. With so much potential for customization, people could come up with all sorts of designs that incorporate both elements, leading to some incredible and one-of-a-kind styles. If done right, it could be a whole new concept and open up a world of possibilities.

Custom Name Harley Davidson Crocs

Custom Name Harley Davidson Crocs 2 scaled Jomagift

Show off your dedication to Harley Davidson with custom name Crocs! With a simple and fast online ordering system, you can add your own personal flair by adding a custom name in the Harley Davidson font. Custom Name Crocs are the perfect way to let everyone know who you are and what you stand for. They’re comfortable, durable, and stylish, ensuring that you’ll look great no matter where your adventures may take you!

Custom Name Atlanta Falcons Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Atlanta Falcons Crocs Shoes 3 Jomagift

Atlanta Falcons fans, here’s a great way to rep your favorite NFL team and make sure everyone knows who you cheer for around town! Custom Name’s Atlanta Falcons Crocs Shoes are the perfect option to sport your team pride in a comfortable way. With plenty of colors and design options, you can choose from their classic clogs, slip-ons, and sandals that are guaranteed to bring some Falcon flair no matter where you go. Plus, they’re made with flexible materials so they will last through all the kick-offs, touchdowns and wins that await this season. So show off your spirit by sporting these unique Custom Name Atlanta Falcons Crocs Shoes today!

Custom Name Baltimore Ravens Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Baltimore Ravens Crocs Shoes 2 Jomagift

Have you ever wanted to show your team pride by wearing something unique and fun? With custom name Baltimore Ravens Crocs, you can stand out from the crowd and express your loyalty to the team in style. Whether you’re going out for a game or just for a day of errands, these shoes will make sure everyone knows who you cheer for. Plus, because they’re Crocs—they offer comfort as well as style! So don’t wait—the perfect accessory is waiting for you! Get your custom name Baltimore Ravens Crocs today, and experience what it means to have a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

Custom Name Carolina Panthers Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Carolina Panthers Crocs 3 Jomagift

Custom Carolina Panthers Crocs shoes are the perfect way to support your team in modern style. Not only are Crocs comfortable and practical, but they also come with a wide range of customization options. A set of Carolina Panthers Crocs can be durably personalized by having the team logo and colors added to the foam material’s surface. Alternatively, removable Jibbitz charms can be fastened onto the crossing straps and small holes dotting the uppers to take your fan pride from casual to outrageous, or anywhere in-between. These custom shoes also make ideal gifts for big fans or any supporter who wants to show off their loyalty. Be sure to grab a pair today for your next game day!

Browns Crocs

Custom Name Cleveland Browns Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

Custom Name Cleveland Browns Crocs Shoes are an inspired way to show love for your favorite football team. Not only do they come in the official colors of brown and orange, but you can add any name to the shoe, making it truly unique. Custom Name is a great company that allows fans to interact with the team in a special way. No two pairs of shoes will be alike, so break out of the ordinary and show your support!Custom Name’s Cleveland Brown Crocs Shoes are sure to add style and comfort wherever you go. Any fan would be proud to wear them and show off their Cleveland pride. Who knew footwear could be such fun?

Custom Name Detroit Lions Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Detroit Lions Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

How about those Detroit Lions Crocs shoes with a custom name feature? We believe that the custom name feature is the perfect way to give customization options for anyone looking to rep their favorite team. With a custom name on the back and added color options, these Detroit Lions Crocs will be sure to catch any Lions fan’s eye. Not only are they an excellent representation of football fandom, but they also provide style and comfort – all while paying homage to your favorite NFL team. Let’s get these Custom Name Detroit Lions Crocs Shoes out there representing in comfort and style.

Custom Name Houston Texans Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Houston Texans Crocs Shoes 2 Jomagift

If you’re a fan of the Houston Texans, why not express your fandom in the most unique way possible? Get yourself a pair of custom name Houston Texans Crocs shoes! Show off your love for your favorite football team while rocking some stylish, comfortable shoes. Whether they’re pink or navy blue themed, you can design them exactly how you want them and put your own personal touch on it. Stand out on game day or just strut around in style with customized Houston Texans Crocs shoes!

Custom Name Indianapolis Colts Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Indianapolis Colts Crocs Shoes 3 Jomagift

Everyone loves the Indianapolis Colts, and now there’s an original new way to show your team spirit and make a bold fashion statement. Custom Name Indianapolis Colts Crocs shoes are the perfect combination of team pride and stylish flair. With a supportive footbed made of Croslite foam, your feet will be in comfort for hours on end as you cheer for your favorite football squad. Choose from 16 customizable options including color, size, strap styles, and most importantly, name to create shoes that are truly reflective of you. Show some true Colt pride with these awesome shoes!

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Kc Chiefs Crocs

Custom Name Kansas City Chiefs Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

Who wouldn’t want to show off their Chiefs pride while rocking their favorite shoes? With custom made Kansas City Chiefs Crocs, you can now make that a reality! These unique Crocs come in three colorways – red, yellow and white – for maximum team spirit. You can even customize the tongue with your name so that everyone knows who is supporting their favorite team. For style and comfort, choose custom Kansas City Chiefs Crocs shoes for your next game day accessory. They are the perfect combination of statement piece and fan item!

Custom Name Los Angeles Chargers Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Los Angeles Chargers Crocs Shoes 3 Jomagift

Show off your team spirit with custom Los Angeles Chargers Crocs! Design these shoes with your favorite colors and logos, featuring the iconic official insignia of the team. These Crocs guarantee comfort and lightness for days spent running errands or cheering on your favorite team at home! Not to mention a unique look that screams die-hard fan, wherever you go. Get creative – pair them with shorts and a tank top during warm summer days, or keep it cozy and pair them with joggers and a hoodie when things cool down. With so many options available when designing custom Chargers Crocs, you can create the perfect shoe just for you.

Custom Name Los Angeles Rams Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Los Angeles Rams Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

If you’re in the market for custom Los Angeles Rams Crocs shoes, you have come to the right place. From classic colors like royal blue, to more statement-making colors like electric green, these Rams-themed Crocs offer a variety of colors and designs to express your team spirit while being spacious and comfortable all day long. Need something extra? Check out our selection of interchangeable charms to attach on your shoes and really show off your fandom! This is a great way to customize your Crocs and make sure that no two pairs are alike. Get ready to tackle another day, proudly repping your team with some personalized Rams Crocs!

Custom Name Minnesota Vikings Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Minnesota Vikings Crocs Shoes 4 Jomagift

If you’re a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, chances are you love to show off your team pride! Custom Name Minnesota Vikings Crocs Shoes are the perfect way to make any ensemble stand out. Not only do they come with the signature comfort of Crocs, but they also feature the official illustrations and colors of the Vikings. You can style these shoes in any way that fits your personality — whether you’re going for an all-out sporty look or mixing them with something more casual!

Custom Name Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Pittsburgh Steelers Crocs Shoes 3 Jomagift

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a beloved football team, and they now have a unique way to show off that fandom: custom-made Crocs! These engaging shoes come in standard black and the official Steelers logo yellow, adorned with steel gray accents. They are the perfect accessory for gameday or any time you want to add some style to your wardrobe. The comfortable design of these Crocs make them an ideal choice for a long day of cheering on your favorite team regardless of the weather. Whether you’re looking to show some spirit at home or at the game, these custom name shoes will take your dedication to another level.

Custom Name Tampa Bay Buccaneers Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Tampa Bay Buccaneers Crocs Shoes 2 Jomagift

Everyone loves a good pair of coconut-scented Crocs, especially custom tops with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo. Imagine having your very own pair of these exclusive shoes! Wear them to the game and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. There is nothing more unique than being able to show off your team’s spirit like never before. If you’re looking for a great way to express your loyalty to Tampa Bay, then custom made Buccaneer Crocs are the perfect choice!

Custom Name Tennessee Titans Crocs Shoes

Custom Name Tennessee Titans Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

Tennessee Titans Crocs shoes are the perfect way to show your team spirit in style. Whether you’re at a game, tailgating party, or out and about, these shoes offer something for everyone. Not only are they comfortable enough to wear all day, but they also come with a customizable option—you can add a name to the back of each shoe for an added touch! From die-hard fans who want to show their true colors, to the casual enthusiast who wants something fun and unique, these shoes are sure to make a statement in any situation. Get your pair today and start showing off your Tennessee Titans spirit!

Custom Name Washington Commanders Crocs

Custom Name Washington Commanders Crocs Shoes 2 Jomagift

Customization is an important way to express individuality, and now you can customize your own Washington Commanders Crocs shoes! With these stylish kicks, you’ll be able to proudly show off your team spirit in any situation. Just choose from an array of colors and add a personal touch with your own custom name! These shoes are not only great for the stadium or gym, but their comfortable design makes them ideal for all-day wear. Whether you want to rock them at a party or just lounge around on a lazy day, these custom shoes will make you feel like a true fan of the Washington Commanders.

Buffalo Bills Crocs Shoes

Buffalo Bills Crocs Shoes 2 1 Jomagift

It is a bold move for the Buffalo Bills to enter the shoe game with their own Crocs collaboration! The customizable design allows lucky fans to add their own images, logos, and colors to somehow make them even more fashionable. But it’s not just about looking good; this could also be a great opportunity for hardcore football fans to support their team in new ways. Besides being stylish and creative, this unique footwear might lead Bills enthusiasts to show off their pride as they represent their home state wherever they go. And with bright blue and yellow pattern around the eyes, people won’t be able to miss who you are rooting for.

Las Vegas Raiders Crocs

Las Vegas Raiders Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

The Las Vegas Raiders Crocs have become an increasingly popular fashion statement for fans of both casual and gameday wear. Featuring the iconic silver-and-black design, adorned with the team’s classic logo and complete with a comfy Croslite foam cushioning footbed, you can take your fandom to the next level. Whether you choose to wear these as a casual day-to-day shoe or show them off on game days, these team colors will add some serious street credit any day of the week. Pair them with socks featuring your favorite player’s name or buy multiple pairs in your favorite colors – either way, the Las Vegas Raiders Crocs show everyone which NFL team you admire most!

Philadelphia Eagles Crocs

Philadelphia Eagles Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

The Philadelphia Eagles Crocs are the perfect way to combine your fandom with a stylish, comfortable shoe. Whether you’re out on the town or just lounging around the house, these shoes will show off your spirit everywhere you go. With their vibrant logo design and multiple colorways available, it’s hard to not make a statement with these unique shoes. Philadelphia Eagles fans everywhere can be proud of how they rep their team while feeling comfortable and stylish too. Know anyone who’s loyal to the Birds? Pick them up a pair of Philly Eagles Crocs today!

San Francisco 49ers Crocs

onAvDhJp 27 San Francisco 49ers crocs clog crocband 1 Jomagift

If you’re a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and looking to show your support in a unique way, then investing in one of their iconic croc shoes is an excellent way to do so. Not only are they one of the top teams in the NFL, but they also have a fantastic line of crocs available, which feature their famous team logo right on the front. The 49ers crocs come in various color options and can be worn on gameday or any other day for a fashionable addition to your wardrobe. Furthermore, alongside looking great these crocs are extremely comfortable and designed for maximum support and breathability – making them perfect for any activity you want too.

Seattle Seahawks Crocs 

Seattle Seahawks Crocs Shoes 1 Jomagift

The Seattle Seahawks are exciting and forward-thinking, as are the fans who cheer them on. It only makes sense that the team’s next big merchandise venture should embody these values. Their recent collaboration with Crocs, then, is a brilliant move. The colorful pair of shoes is the perfect way to show pride in your favorite team while expressing creativity and individuality; plus, they are comfortable enough to wear all day! Not only will Seahawks devotees be flocking to get their hands on this stylish and memorable set of footwear, but it’s likely that others who appreciate a bold fashion statement will also join in on the fun.


While Crocs are often considered a women’s shoe, there are many great options for men as well. We’ve put together a list of 40 of the best Crocs for men in 2023. From dressy styles to sandals and sneakers, there is something for everyone on this list. Be sure to visit our blog for more information on the latest Croc styles and trends.

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