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Our Story

Where Creativity Meets Personalization

At Jomagift, we’re a team of three friends – Anna Sofia, Andrew Bialecki, and Carleen Violet – who share a passion for design and creativity. With years of experience in the design industry, we were looking for a way to truly express our creativity and make a difference in people’s lives.

One day, while brainstorming ideas for a new project, we started talking about gift-giving. We realized that while there were plenty of beautiful gifts out there, there were very few that were truly meaningful. We wanted to create something that would allow people to give gifts that were not only beautiful, but also personal and heartfelt.

And so the idea for Jomagift was born. We decided to start a company that would specialize in personalized gifts, from blankets and T-shirts to jewelry and bedding sets. We believed that by allowing people to add their own personal touch to a gift, they could make it even more special and meaningful.

We spent months working on our designs, creating unique and beautiful products that would appeal to people of all ages and interests. Anna Sofia used her design skills to create eye-catching patterns and graphics, while Carlen brought her expertise in textiles to the table, ensuring that every product was made with the highest quality materials. Andrew used his content creation skills to develop a strong brand identity and create compelling marketing materials.

Despite the challenges of starting a new business, we were determined to make Jomagift a success. We worked tirelessly to promote our products, attending trade shows and reaching out to potential customers. And slowly but surely, we started to see results. People were drawn to the unique and personalized nature of our products, and we began to receive positive feedback and reviews.

Today, as a team at Jomagift, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we continue to work together to push the boundaries of design and creativity. We’re here to make the world a more meaningful place, one gift at a time.

A Passion for Design

From the very beginning, our team has been driven by a love of design. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to come up with new and creative ideas that will delight our customers.

Bringing Meaning to Gift-Giving

For us, it’s not just about creating beautiful products – it’s about creating products that are meaningful. We believe that every gift should be a reflection of the person giving it and the person receiving it. That’s why we offer a wide range of personalized products, from blankets and T-shirts to jewelry and bedding sets.


Our Mission

Making Personalized Gifts Accessible to Everyone

At Jomagift, our mission is simple: to make personalized gifts accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should be able to give and receive gifts that are unique and meaningful, regardless of their budget.

Our Brand Values

At the heart of our brand are our values: creativity, quality, and affordability. We believe that these values are what sets us apart and what keeps our customers coming back.


Our Products

Creating Something Special

At Jomagift, we specialize in creating personalized products that are both beautiful and meaningful. From blankets and T-shirts to jewelry and bedding sets, we offer a wide range of products that can be customized to suit any occasion.

Quality Materials

We believe that every product should be made to the highest standards of quality. That’s why we only use the finest materials in all of our products.

The Power of Personalization

Personalization is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by adding a personal touch to a gift, we can make it even more special. Whether it’s a name, a date, or a loving message, our customers can make their gifts truly their own.


Our Ultimate Goal

Making the World a More Meaningful Place

Our ultimate goal is to make the world a more meaningful place, one gift at a time. We believe that by creating beautiful, personalized products, we can help people connect with each other in a more meaningful way.

How We Help Customers

We help our customers by providing them with unique, personalized gifts that they can be proud to give. Our products are designed to bring joy and happiness to both the giver and the receiver, and we’re committed to ensuring that every customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase.

If you have a great idea, you can submit it to us via email at: [email protected]. We look forward to helping you find the perfect apparel or gift at Jomagift.